Take Out Menus. . .

Kudos to Design Sponge

(http://www.designspongeonline.com/) for the idea…

Finally executing it…(forgive, the digital camera is down so it’s Photo booth spectacular!)

Problem: Too many take out menus!

Solution: Create a take out binder!

You will need:

The bamboo placemats work great, they are cheap and stick together after cutting!

Cut placemats to fit binder (3 different pieces so it can open normally). Krazy glue! It doesn’t take long to dry. Hooray!

I bought super cheap dividers with pockets for .69 cents at one of the local discount stores. They come with the tabs to fill out! Score!

I realize a lot of times friends come over and want to order, so I put our street address on the inside of the folder.

And it matches the kitchen like crazy!

I felt so inspired I just ordered Thai food. Seriously. It’s on it’s way to my house as I write this post.

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